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Breezy Excursion is a lifestyle brand proudly based out of San Jose, California. Started in '06 and established in 2008, Breezy Excursion is the collaborative of Ryan Mante and Flip Lilleland. The brand started as a t-shirt line with little money and big dreams to becoming a predominate label in street/urban wear. Breezy has established itself with a design aesthetic derived from life experiences, nostalgia, and designing whatever the fuck Breezy wants.

"We take pride in continually pushing the envelope with aggressive/intrusive design. Our company is defined by sacrifice, hard work, family, and lifetime commitment. We never had any hand-outs, connections, or money. Everything we have gotten to this point, we have earned off our own merit. We don't need anybody but our family. Fuck the rest. We the best." - Ryan and Flip

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