By Breezy Excursion,

Vacationing in Mexico has become somewhat of an annual event. I've heard a lot of good things about Puerto Vallarta, and since it's only a 3 hour flight the decision to visit was a no brainer. Probably in most peoples opinion, I am a terrible vacationist. Once I get to the resort you will either find me drunk in the infinity pool or passed out in my air conditioned suite. I'll be honest, I like low-risk high-relaxation situations. This trip however, I got off my ass and did a little site seeing. My experience in downtown Puerto Vallarta was exactly what you would read in a good Yelp review, "beautiful scenery, and friendly natives". Well, money hungry friendly natives but who can blame them? The one thing I do regret is not bringing my camera along with me during the mountain dune buggy tour through the jungle where they shot the Arnold Schwartzenegger movie, "Predator". All in all Mexico has shown nothing but love to me the past decade. I'm sure I'll be back soon.